a turnkey solution for a growing SCALE-UP

Today you are a growing scale-up ...








we absorb your volume of recruitments

a dedicated person manages your recruitments 

strategic advice to promote integration

a 'Satisfied or Satisfied' guarantee

Your fund-raising campaign is now complete. How to make the best investment choices? How to recruit the best professionals? How can you be sure you’re not spending too much? How to ensure the best HR policy to retain your employees?


Scale You Up is designed for you. Not only do we absorb your large volume of recruitments, but we also ensure the easy integration of your teams on a very short-term basis. To this end, Scale You Up brings you a dedicated Head of HR who will implement the whole strategy.

surrounds yourself with the best recruits, and control your budget.

Ensure your growth.

To grow, you need more people. And to have more people, you need experts who can recruit them. You will also need experts to retain them and make sure your transition goes smoothly.

Scale You Up is a team of headhunting experts, dedicated to your company, to recruit the professionals you need while ensuring their smooth integration and ensure they fit perfectly with your long-term project.


Invest in yourself.

A qualitative yet affordable solution, Scale You Up allows you to control your cash flow. How? By managing your monthly recruitment and HR budget, regardless of the positions you are recruiting for.

You are then entirely free to anticipate costs and to invest in your growth projects - thanks to the ginormous savings that Scale You Up allows you to make.

in concret terms, how much does it cost you ?